About Keith Holland

I've been an animal lover as long as I can remember. As a boy, I wanted to be a farmer, a zookeeper, a zoologist, or just about anything having to do with animals. My favorite TV shows were wildlife documentaries and I loved to play with the family dog and ride horses. Over the years my dogs have downsized from German Shepherds to a Cocker Spaniel mix to my current dog, Stormy, a sweet Miniature Poodle who loves to have his picture taken!

I got into digital photography in 2003. I started out photographing landscapes, wildlife, and macro on my adventures throughout North America and the South Pacific, but eventually I found that pets make adorable models. Obviously, they also come with their own set of challenges. For instance, I cannot tell a dog how to pose and telling a cat to do anything is usually about as effective as talking to a rock! Nevertheless, I find pet photography to be a fun and rewarding challenge.

Like most pet parents, I consider my pets to be my family and their photos deserve a place in my home just like the photos of my human family. Sadly, their lives are much shorter than ours and I consider it an honor to help pet parents preserve the memories of their beloved furry babies.

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